4 Things You Didn’t Know Could Damage Your Car

March 22nd, 2016

There are obvious things that can damage your car, such as extreme weather and lack of maintenance from an auto repair service. However, seemingly innocent and everyday elements can also deal a significant amount of car damage. Knowing what these are can help you better safeguard your vehicle against preventable wear and tear.

1. Leaves

According to the American Forest, there are an estimated 4.35 million trees in Seattle. That amounts to a lot of fallen leaves, especially in the approaching fall season. Leaves can accumulate under the hood if you frequently park under a tree. This can restrict airflow and disrupt the engine’s cabin air supply.

2. Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are there for a reason. If you consistently drive through speed bumps or potholes without slowing down, you’re going to kill your shock absorbers. When the shocks give out, every component of the car’s undercarriage becomes vulnerable to damage.

3. Sea Air

Being a coastal city, Seattle has a maritime climate. Sea air can be bad for a car as it leaves it vulnerable to rust. This becomes a serious problem if the corrosion occurs under the hood, which can wear the battery and corrode the brake rotors.

4. Bird Droppings

Spotting bird doo-doo on your car definitely warrants a groan-out-load moment. Bird feces can cause permanent surface damage if not removed right away. When the droppings are left to sit on a hot day, the heat can cause the metal to expand, thus providing a porous surface for the acid from the droppings to penetrate the vehicle’s clear coat.

With even seemingly benign elements that could damage your car, it’s all the more reason to take your vehicle to a shop for regular maintenance and tire service. Ace Auto Repair & Tire offers special offers that make car damage repairs and auto tune-ups in North Seattle more affordable. 

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