Insider Tips on Changing a Flat Tire

March 22nd, 2016

Yes, it seems a bit redundant writing an article on changing a flat tire. It’s not rocket science after all; just jack up the car, remove the flat, fit in the spare, and that’s all there is to it. However, even if you know how to remove a punctured tire, knowing how and actually doing it in a real-life scenario are two different things. While the statistics differ, some estimate that as many as 50% of drivers have never changed a flat tire.

Tire Change Troubleshooting Advice

Typically, motorists run into one of two problems when changing a spare: They don’t have the arm strength for unscrewing the super tight bolts, or they’re unable to pry the tire off the axle once the bolts are removed.

Even big burly men may have trouble removing the bolts. Here’s the trick: use your feet instead of your arms. Insert the lug wrench onto the bolt so the wrench is in a horizontal position and place all your weight on it by standing on the wrench. A little jumping motion should get even the most stubborn of bolts loosened, just be careful not to bend your lug wrench.

Perhaps removing the bolts was a piece of cake. However, the tire won’t budge when you try to pull it out. What to do then? Try kicking the top and bottom part of the tire to get it to wiggle and loosen from the axle. Using a mallet works even better and is an item you should have in your trunk. You can also try spraying WD-40 around the hub. Apply both methods if the wheel is being really stubborn.

Replace Your Tire at Ace Auto Repair & Tire

Remember, a spare is only a temporary tire and not designed for everyday use. If your tire was punctured, take it to our auto repair service to get it patched. If the hole is beyond fixable, then our tire sales department can get you a matching replacement on the spot. We provide financing options to ensure any repair or replacement fits within your budget.

Changing a flat tire is a basic skill; knowing how to do it will prevent you from having to waste money on a tow service or having to phone a relative.

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