Recycle Old Tires

March 22nd, 2016

6 Ways to Recycle Old Tires & Keep ‘Em Out of Landfills

Recycled Tires in the Garden

Old tires make great pots and raised planting beds in the garden. Stacked into interesting pyramidal designs or just laid on the ground and filled with soil, they’re a great way to separate herbs or grow strawberries or potatoes. Add beauty and eclectic charm by cutting in petal designs or painting with bright, solid colors.

Re-use Tires in the Playground

Many playgrounds are making use of ground tire rubber for safe, effective and incredibly long-lasting play surfaces compared to woodchips. Tires can also be used for swings, as the fulcrum of a teeter-totter, or as climbing structures connected by ropes or chains.

Repurpose Tires in the House

Tires in the house? We’re not kidding! From kids’ racecar bedroom decor to comfy patio chairs made from strips of recycled tire rubber, Americans are finding all kinds of uses for old tires in the home. Some have even used recycled tires as roofing and siding material for their ‘earth ship’ dwellings.

Recycled Tire Art

From basic yard art to intricate animal designs, creative artists are using tires as a medium for their work. Having gained popularity for creating monstrous sculptures of mutants out of used tires, Artist Yong Ho Ji says tires are an excellent medium for his art because rubber is flexible and tough like the skin of the mutant animals he creates.

Recycled Tires as Clothing

Since tires are basically your car’s shoes, why not use them for your shoes? Shoe and sandal manufacturers are now using recycled tire tread for highly durable soles with excellent traction and long-lasting wear.

Using Old Tires for New Road-Building Material

Talk about burning rubber on the road! Construction companies are melting down old tires to make Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC), known to cost less than conventional asphalt, reduce road noise, prevent cracks, retain color, save on maintenance costs and provide better traction for reduced accidents!

Tire recycling is a great way to keep a reusable resource out of the landfill, and there are so many uses for old tires. If you’re looking for new tires in Seattle, Ace Auto Repair & Tire will replace your old ones with name brand new tires with great manufacturer warranties, and provide you with some ideas for your own DIY recycled tire project!

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