Save Gas With These Car Modifications

March 22nd, 2016

There are dozens of articles on the Web on how to improve fuel efficiency. By now, you’re probably familiar with keeping your tires inflated, not letting the car idle, and so on. However, you can also save gas with simple car modifications. Most of these changes involve the removal of nonessential parts, which can be completed by an auto repair service.

Auto Items to Remove for Better Gas Mileage

Raised Rear Spoiler – Here’s the thing about spoilers. They supposedly help increase speed by adding down force. However, most spoilers these days are cosmetic only. They add to your car’s drag, decreasing fuel economy.

Mud Flaps – As suggested in their name, the flaps reduce the buildup of mud in the vehicle’s rear. Unfortunately, they also reduce aerodynamics.

Roof Rack – Roof Racks are a common accessory among SUVs and crossovers. Unless you plan on using it, which in most cases isn’t that often, have it removed. A roof rack can greatly inhibit aerodynamics, especially at highway speeds.

Passenger Side Mirror – While a side mirror on the driver’s side is required by law in most states, the same does not hold true for the passenger side mirror. Its presence increases drag.

Hubcaps – Replace your conventional hubcaps with smooth wheel covers, AKA moon eyes. These types of covers reduce drag and are believed to improve fuel efficiency by up to 4%.

Let Us Make the Mileage Modifications for You

If you’re savvy with a wrench, then feel free to remove these accessories on your own. If you don’t want to risk denting or nicking your car, then have Ace Auto Repair & Tire do it for you. Our tire sales department can also fit your vehicle with a new set of wheels. Worn tires reduce fuel economy as they’re more prone to losing air. Our financing plans can help you manage the payment for a fresh set of tires. These car modifications to save gas will add up and save you more than just pocket change at the pump over time.

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