Summer Tires Are not Just for Summer Commuting

March 22nd, 2016

Summer is in full swing. Does this mean, then, that you should transition to summer tires? Despite its name, summer tires aren’t designed specifically for driving under blazing hot temperatures. A tire sales and service company can determine whether your car will benefit by having the tires changed. In the meantime, it may help to learn more about how summer tires work and how they differ from conventional tires.

Summer Tires Explained

Summer tires are designed for high performance and sports vehicles with speed and agility in mind. Their tread patterns have less grooving, which puts more of the rubber in contact with the road. The rubber compound used is also stickier and softer than all-season tires. This provides maximum road-holding grip and increased responsiveness while braking and cornering.

Even though the summer often entails dry weather, summer tires are also ideal for wet weather operation. Their tread pattern enables the surface to wick away water, thus reducing the possibility of hydroplaning.

Come wintertime, though, it may be better to switch over to all-season tires. Seattle isn’t exactly Minnesota when it comes to snowfall, but it does shower white flakes from time to time. All-season tires are designed for maximum traction in extreme cold weather conditions.

Should You Make the Switch to Summer Tires?

The type of car you drive, the geographical location, and time of year will determine whether you should make the switch. Generally, summer tires are recommended if:

  • You drive a sports car and want maximum control and performance
  • You live in a mild-climate area (Seattle fits this bill)
  • You don’t mind making the switch to all-season tires if snowfall is expected

If you want to make the switch or aren’t sure what kind of tires your car currently has, take it to Ace Auto Repair in Seattle. Our auto repair services are notch and we have special offers on select tire services. Our technicians will let you know whether summer tires are recommended for your specific vehicle and driving style.

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